Here’re the Sectors We Invest In..

FinTech Startups

  • e-Commerce

  • Finance Media

  • Security Technology

  • Data Solutions

  • Finance Research & Resources

Crypto Startups

From an open-source technology to a major component of finance, supply chains, and even film and voting systems, blockchain has come a long way. In 2020, Bitcoin outperformed all other asset classes. This sparked widespread adoption of Bitcoin and blockchain, resulting in a slew of new businesses vying to take advantage of the new technology and change the world for the better. If we see great opportunities in Blockchain-based startups, SOFIRC is willing to welcome and invest in them.


  • Financial & Professional Services.

  • Risk Management Startups.

  • Real Estate Advisory.

  • B2B consultations.

  • And All the other startups that fall under this category.